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   Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Drawing passionate since child. Graduated in Graphic Design at the Catholic University of Rio (PUC-RIO).

   I founded among with young just graduated artists friends an independent art studio. Our goal was to "tell stories with images", and so we did plenty of comics, graphic novels, illustrations and animations, drawing our way to thrive in Rio's artistic community.

   Feeling something still empty inside, I decided to dive into yoga practice and turned myself into a yoga teacher. Leaving the artistic life behind for some years.

   Meanwhile I had some rock bands, mantra singing groups, became vegan, and finally left the urban life in Rio seeking for a close-to-nature life experience.

   Today I live in a rural region in the heart of Brazil called Chapada dos Veadeiros, which, with all its natural beauty, gifted me back the profound impact of the aesthetic experience, pulling me into visual art production again. Working mostly in the digital medium, now I thankfully make my living as an art director, graphic designer, illustrator and animator.

Curriculum Vitae
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